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Call to Action- Your Letter Needed -CRAHTAC Meeting is Monday 02/14/22

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Again, short notice! I apologize, but it is the way they run this Committee. CRAHTAC and County staff are about to start to formulate the Trail Policy for the Santa Barbara Countywide Recreation Master Plan

Please take a moment to cut and paste the following into an email, edit as you would like and send to by Sunday night (2/13/22). If you wish to speak, at the general Public Comment period, please indicate that in your email as well.

If you wish to attend the meeting and listen in or speak, Zoom directions are at

Dear CRAHTAC Members:

RE: Stakeholder Trail Policy Working Group for the Santa Barbara County-wide Recreation Master Plan

I support the County-wide Recreation Management Plan (Plan) currently being developed for Santa Barbara County. I want to ensure safe equestrian trails are prioritized and included in the Plan and that equestrians are included as stakeholders in development of the Trail Policy (“multi use trail policy”) that is sure to be part of it.

For this Plan to be valid, and to represent all recreational users, County staff, appointed advisory committees and commissions, and elected officials must work to:

1. Create a Stakeholder’s Trail Policy Working Group and include equestrian leaders to develop the trail policy For the Plan.

a. We need to form a stakeholder’s group and have discussion as was done for the Agricultural Enterprise Ordinance currently in development concurrently with the Plan. Trail users and the public at large (stakeholders) need opportunity to provide input to this critical policy.

b. A community stakeholder group of interested individuals, rather than the current elected- appointed Trail Advisory Committee and Parks Commission, is necessary to develop the policy. This is critical. Past experience has shown that the current model is not working for nor does it represent equestrian trail riders in the Santa Ynez Valley. 2. Commit to a Trail Management Plan process for any trail use, or other changes, consistent with the Baron Ranch Trail Master Plan. Encourage robust public participation.

3. Listen to and learn from EQUESTRIANS about what riders have to deal with and have control over when confronted with other trail uses. Why would the County or any staff person listen to a source that does not actively participate in the sport nor understand horse behavior? Why make policy assumptions on what the loudest and most aggressive users say? They do not know; their information is incorrect. Talk with equestrians directly!

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.



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