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Live Oak Trail at Cachuma Lake is Under Attack!

The Live Oak Equestrian Trail at Cachuma Lake is planned to open sometime in 2021 to hikers, with a second opening to mountain bikes six months later according to County Park staff.  The Santa Ynez Valley Riders (SYVR) has been working to stop or modify those plans and to keep the historic Live Oak Trail (aka Cachuma Equestrian Trail) safe for trail riders.

See our January 20th, 2021 Newsletter to discover how to get up to date information, a chronology of actions so far, and how you can help - it's as easy as becoming a SYVR Member!

Do you want to help SAVE Live Oak Trail????  A Facebook Group: SAVE Santa Barbara County Equestrian Trails has been created for all information on Live Oak and our efforts.  We still need people to SHARE this announcement far and wide with to your Friends and Family and other riding groups.

An easy way to be involved is to download the Citizen Letter template by clicking on this button,


...filling out the letter and sending to County Contacts that are listed HERE.


Want to get involved??? Seriously, we need help...Send and email to and we will contact you.

The background…
While pursuing replacement of the Santa Ynez Valley Riders (SYVR) kiosk at the Cachuma Equestrian Trail (aka. Live Oak) we learned of the unannounced “pilot project” (Pilot) to open the trails to hikers and bikes.  We are calling on our equestrian community to step up and fight for the most precious and special trail in our area.

SYVR (and we believe no one in the community) received any public notification of the Pilot and we have had subsequent email exchange to clarify why the pilot is being pursued and the way it is going forward.

Upon completion of our research, on Friday 12/18/20, SYVR set a formal letter to the County. County Park Division responded via email and SYVR sent back a response letter requesting that opening the trails be delayed until a Trails System Management Plan and review is completed by the County.  You can review the sequence of letters by clicking the buttons below:

SYVR Letter Dated 12/18/2020 to Park Division

Park Division Email Response dated 12/21/2020

SYVR Response Letter Dated 12/23/2020 to Park Division



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