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A Major Win for Equestrian Safety & Access at Live Oak Trail!!!

Such great news...just have to share!!!!

Last week Judge Anderle by far the most experienced Santa Barbara judge when it comes to environmental law, shredded the county’s argument that opening the north shore of Cachuma, and specifically, Live Oak Trail, was exempt from environmental analysis and issued judgement in favor of a small, yet brave group of equestrians who filed suit and ultimately won to protect equestrian, and wildlife at the Live Oak Trail. You can see the details in the Santa Barbara Independent article at

An important win in itself, but sets legal precedent for any other such projects. This is huge!

We couldn't have done this if we hadn't all pulled together. Your letters and by attending meetings, WE ALL have kept equestrian safety at the forefront of the arguments.

However, the unfortunate news is that the fight for Live Oak Trail is not over yet. Through the Santa Barbara Recreation Master Plan that is still being developed, we still must continually speak up, fight for and develop policies that protect equestrian safety on County trails. There are proposals that would threaten equestrian safety that are still in the works and are associated with this document.

In the next few weeks, we will be discussing such policies and prepare an "official" policy document specific to equestrian recreational interests and safety. Please send an email to if you want to help out with this effort. You can also let us know of your special concerns when riding on our trails and how we should expand trail use and horse camping in the future.

Thank you all, hugs to everyone...what a Christmas present! Good job everyone!!!!

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