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Upcoming March CRAHTAC Meeting and Live Oak Trail Repair Update

CRAHTAC Meeting Monday, March 13, 2023

The County Riding and Hiking Trails Advisory Committee (CRAHTAC) will meet this Monday, March 13, 2023, from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM. The meeting will be held both in-person and on a Zoom webinar (as usual).

In-Person: Planning Commission Hearing Board Room - 123 E. Anapamu St. 1st Floor, Santa Barbara, CA.

Passcode: 611623

You must email George Amoon at and request to speak at Public Comment or to speak on any specific agenda item at the meeting.

Of interest to Equestrians this month is the Multi-Use Trail Policy, Item VIII (b). The Meeting March Agenda and February’s Meeting Minutes are available at the links below.

March 13, 2023, CRAHTAC Agenda
Download PDF • 248KB

CRAHTAC Draft Meeting Minutes 2-13-23
Download PDF • 471KB

This past month a few of our equestrians have been researching the origins of the County “Multi-Use Policy”, if it were properly adopted (with the public’s input and Board of Supervisors’ review) and its application as “policy” came into effect.

This month CRAHTAC has included Multi-Use Trail Policy on its agenda for Monday, hopefully for discussion (what makes a policy, how it’s approved, etc.) and a satisfactory explanation of the process that instituted the County’s Multi-Use Trail assumptions for all County trails.

You can view submitted policy letters by clicking on the Public Comment folder at:

Remember, at this time with the Recreation Master Plan, we equestrians have opportunity to make changes to such policy and make our trail safe again to ride. That’s why policy is so important, for equestrians to speak up now, especially with the introduction of E-Bikes and future mechanized technology to the trails and will put riders and their horses in even more danger.

Live Oak Trail Update

The Live Oak Trail remains closed, but on February 18th, equestrian volunteers came together to remove debris and silt from around the Live Oak Trailhead kiosk and to repair and protect the oak trees sapling planted almost 18 months ago.

Did You Know??? The gates at Live Oak Trail were donated and installed by the equestrian members of the Santa Barbara County Trails Council many years ago! The green trailhead gate was salvaged and will be reinstalled as the entry point to the trail.

We continue to work with County staff at Cachuma to open the trail ASAP. Sad to report, (but very happy for him!) Jeff Bozworth, Supervisor at Cachuma has retired. Grand kids and adventures await him in Utah! We thank Jeff for all his help and wish him well as he transitions into this new phase of life. We hate to see you go, but congratulations!

Our new contact at Cachuma is Duke Loster, who in addition to Maintenance Supervisor duties has been appointed Supervisor at Cachuma. Welcome Duke! We've been in contact, will be working to organize additional work days and, when the river recedes, to begin trail maintenance. We've already discussed the beautiful wildflower bloom expected this year and that our trail riders don't want to miss it!

Photos at the link below:

Work Day Photos
Download PDF • 553KB

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Mar 14, 2023

One of my biggest things I am trying to educate everyone about is that our County of SB are NOT the policy makers for any recreation at Cachuma Lake including Live Oak because the lake and land are not state or county owned. It is Federally owned. Our SB County Supervisors have agreed to live within the federal rules in exchange for the Federal Agency in charge letting our County and public use the area for limited recreation. No swimming is one limitation. And no bikes or hikers on Live Oak is another one. Not disturbing the free range livestock that live at Live Oak is another as that is a direct lease between the free range livestock owner and…

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