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The Santa Barbara County Parks Commission is Meeting This Thursday

The Santa Barbara County Parks Commission is meeting this Thursday, June 22, 2023. Meeting Agenda and Materials are in the document below.

June 22, 2023 Park Commission Meeting Material (PDF)
Download PDF • 2.26MB

If you sent a letter supporting a new Trail Policy that provides safe trails for equestrians last week to CRAHTAC, would you be willing to forward your letter to the Park Commission well?

It needs to be sent to by Tuesday morning.

Here's an example:

TO: Santa Barbara County Parks Commission

Date: 6/19/23

RE: Santa Barbara County Trail Policy

Dear Honorable Commissioners: YOUR LETTER HERE

If you have not sent a letter and would like to, the following is a sample letter that you may cut and paste into your own email. You may edit or otherwise make changes to the letter however you would like.

Please send your letter to by Tuesday morning if possible.

TO: Santa Barbara County Park Commission

Date: 06/19/2023

RE: Santa Barbara County Trail Policy

Dear Honorable Commissioners:

I am a lifelong equestrian, and I am opposed to continuing any form of a “multi use trail” policy in Santa Barbara County. I support the policy that -one, -two or more trail users may be allowed on any one trail. My reasons for insisting upon this policy is because:

· Equestrian safety has been compromised on our local trails for too long with bicycles and now with E bikes on the horizon. The future of our trails must accommodate equestrians who deserve a safe and quiet place to train our horses and young riders, to ride in peace, and to enjoy the outdoors at our own pace under safe conditions.

· Equestrian rider attrition from trails has occurred due to the unsafe conditions on our trails with the advent of mountain bikes and lack of rule enforcement. Our Park Division simply does not have enough funding or staff to ensure equestrian safety on remote, rural trails. We will certainly see more accidents occur more frequently on our trails if there are not provisions in our trail policy to allow for single- or dual use equestrian trails, without bikes. We currently fear for ourselves, our children, and our horses because, often, bike riders who fail to yield to riders leave scenes of accidents and there is no recourse for the injured or families of the dead. We don't want to see this in Santa Barbara County.

· We need a Trail Policy that allows -one, -two or more users that will allow Live Oak trail to remain the only County equestrian trail as other Parks and Recreation Departments and Districts provide all over Coastal California Counties. It's time Santa Barbara County focuses on providing the equestrian facilities that have been provided for in County planning and Park Commission directives for over 20 years. It's time to put those plans into action to promote, at the very least, the Live Oak Trail, as THE equestrian trail in Santa Barbara County.

Thank you for allowing me to comment and I hope the Park Commission will recommend a TRAIL POLICY to the County Board of Supervisors to allow -one, -two or more users allowed on any one trail with the intention of promoting safety and enjoyment of our trails for all trail users.



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