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Live Oak Trail Update- Festival at Live Oak Camp

Coming to the Live Oak Trail...This weekend there will be another large festival at Live Oak Camp-The Reggae on the Mountain Festival. Friday through Sunday, November 18-20. This is a new group of festival promoters from The Los Angeles area. More info at:

The County has decided to leave Live Oak Trail open during the festival so you can ride out there over the weekend. The County staff have been working with this group to make sure nothing illegal happens out on the trail. Be aware there will be a ton of people and loud music as well as all of the other accoutrements to go along with these events.

If you do happen to ride at Live Oak Trail this weekend, if you would, please be observant and take notice if anybody is going off the trail or any kind of illegal activity (i.e bikes, e-bikes, dogs, motorcycles). Please report it to the Cachuma Rangers and please send your observations in a reply to our email at too.

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